Internet Safer Day 2013

Internet Safer Day 2013 – 5th February.

Connected TV is bringing the Internet into our living rooms. “That is exciting, but also worrying”, warns EURALVA, the European Alliance of Listeners’ and Viewers’ Associations. ( Today, the paternalist protection, which national broadcasters and regulators have traditionally afforded to viewers, is steadily giving ground to the free market approach to information on which the Internet has been built.

As Europe approaches the tenth anniversary of Safe Internet Day, we shall all have to re-think the traditional balance between protecting and informing the public. A ‘hands on’ approach within the home will become necessary. This will require everyone outside the home -including ISP providers, regulators and teachers -to take more seriously their responsibilities to protect children and inform parents about programme content.

Social media have also turned the Internet into a two-way communication medium. “The whole world may be watching!” says EURALVA. “Therefore put nothing on the Internet that you are not prepared to say, or to do, in public. Do not defame others, distribute personal or financial data, or reveal any other information which might empower those who wish you harm.”

“If you are still a child, or are in any doubt, consult your parents first!”

EURALVA has Member Organisations in Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom; and Associate Members in Australia and Canada.

Professor Vicent Porter, adviser on European Media Policy and José María Guerra, Euralva’s president.

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