Open Society Foundation. Spanish Mapping Digital Media Report

On June the 26th in Barcelona, EURALVA was represented by its president José Maria Guerra and by Montse Bros –TAC- at the roundtable “Spanish Mapping Digital Media Report”. It was organized by the Open Society Foundation.

Topics discussed were: audiovisual law, regulatory organizations, public service media, investigative journalism and journalist’s working conditions, the fragmentation of the media, their polarization and media literacy.

The roundtable participants, agreed that the members of regulatory organism have to be chosen for their personality, experience and profile and never for their political affiliation. For that reason, to make a replica of parliament was refused. Concerning television licenses, they required transparency in the necessary justification for the need of any new licenses.

The network also was part in the workshop. Its neutrality is a priority. The convergence of the screens, which partly results in hybrid television, showed the need for convergence in laws too. We also claimed that the media, journalists and legislators give voice to associations, as representatives of civil society, and thus meet the crisis of political legitimacy.

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