Presentations and speechs of the Conference

Vincent Porter, Voice of the Listener and Viewer
Presentation 1 – State Aid and PSB Remits – Rules of EU Member States Establishing What is Democratically, Socially and Culturally Necessary

Presentation 2 – The Protection of Children from European Online Audiovisual Media Services – The UK Solution

Carles Llorens, Vice-Decan of Strategic Plan and Innovation, Autonomous University Barcelona (UAB)

Eduardo Cruz, CEO in Qustodio (Parental Control System)
Speech visuals

Ferran Clavell, Innovation and Future Media in TV3
The role and values of public service broadcasting in the digital world

Maria Michalis, Reader in Communication Policy in University of Westminster
Technological Challenges (PSB)

José Ignacio Aguaded, Chair of the University of Huelva and President of Grupo Comunicar
Competencias mediáticas – Claves y propuestas para la audiencia

María Esther del Moral, Professor of Information & Communication Tecnology in education Faculty of Teacher Training and Education. University of Oviedo (Spain)
Alfabetización mediática

Josep Alegret, Programme for audiovisual education of Association of Consumers of Audiovisual Media of Catalonia (TAC) “Learning to watch”
Programa de educación audiovisual “Aprender a mirar” – Un conjunto de herramientas para enseñar a disfrutar las pantallas

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