Gender equality and media literacy in the EU

On December the 7th, EURALVA attended a working day in Strasbourg (through the Consumers Association of Audiovisuals Media) where it debated about the role of women in the audiovisual sector. Organized by the European Audiovisual Observatory, the fundamental objective was to put together studies and knowledge, and to coordinate proposals and possible actions between different countries and entities.

The evidence that was presented during the day showed that throughout Europe, and in all types of media, women remain significantly under-represented behind the cameras, particularly at decision-making levels. In addition, women are still less visible in content and, when they are present, they are still accustomed to acting in stereotypical or subordinate roles. Putting European statistics in common:

Although 65% of graduates in Audiovisual Communication are women, in the professional sector there are 15% of active women and when speaking of directors, only 5% hold that position.

59% of women believe that there is a problem with the way they are represented in the media.

85% of women claim that advertising needs to catch up with the real world.


The Association attended this event on behalf of the European Alliance of Audiovisual Media Consumer Associations (EURALVA) -which holds the presidency together with the Learning to Look Foundation- and took advantage of the spaces for debate and reflection to present the different initiatives that are being carried out in the field of media literacy (Audiovisual Education Program).

The new workshops in which women’s image hypersexualization is analyzed on social networks and provide tools to empower women in this medium provoked great interest and served as a source of inspiration in the exchange of Good practices among the attendees.

And you? What do you think about this issue?