Guests at the UN and UNESCO

On June 20, the president of Euralva, Anna Plans, and the Communications Director of the Association attended the first meeting of the organization Smart Internet Users (SIU) at the headquarters of the UN and UNESCO in Geneva.

A necessary dialogue

The technology raises multiple individual and collective challenges that challenge and demand the attention and responsibility not only of the educational centers, but also of the families. In view of this scenario, the SIU objective is to bring together experts in digital education to study proposals that improve and promote the intelligent use of technology in a transversal education model.

The Alliance is already part of this team as a partner and the meeting was a very beneficial day to establish new dialogues with other partners in this sector (directors, teachers, trainers and other educational programs were represented at the conference):

“These types of events allow us to verify that we are all working with a common goal. For this reason, it is essential that the experts stop forming separately and we begin to think about future synergies that allow us to reach more strongly Our message to the educational field.”

Anna Plans, president od EURALVA

Right to digital education

During the morning the “Right to education and new technologies” day took place, where Charo Sádaba, Communication Dean at the University of Navarra, began his exposition, leaving behind the difficulty of making the Internet a safe environment for children. Note that it was not born or designed for them to be used. Subsequently, Renato Opertti, International Bureau of Education – UNESCO, spoke about the great challenge of this digital age: “finding new ways of teaching content using the same traditional approach.” Robotics, programming, video games … must be new tools that help captivate the attention of the students but, if we realize, the approach to knowledge continues (and must continue) being the lifelong.

In the afternoon, at the headquarters of UNESCO, the founding ceremony of the SIU began, where its president, Dr. Marian Rojas-Estapé, spoke about the effects of technology on adolescents’ brain. Since the Association we have formed thousands of young people each year and we inform them about the importance of self-control and attitude, some of the points that we saw fully coincided with the talk of Dr. Rojas-Estapé.

As a great end of the day, a workshop was held with the rest of the participants. Here was a debate of the most productive about how to face audiovisual education in classrooms and get all players (educators, students and family) get involved.

If you are interested in audiovisual education and want to know more about how to prepare your children correctly to make a critical and responsible use of the screens, contact us and we will help you!