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2012-2014 Report

2014 – Slovenia
Date: February 5-7, 2014
Topic: The future of audience research: Agenda, theory and societal significance
Place: University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Open Conference of the COST Action IS0906 Transforming Audiences, Transforming Societies:

Presented in collaboration with ECREA (Audience and Reception Studies section), IAMCR (Audience section) and ICA (Communication and Technology division & Mass Communication division)
Since March 2010, the COST Action Transforming Audiences, Transforming Societies ( has been coordinating and stimulating research efforts into the transformations of European audiences within a changing media and communication environment, identifying their complex interrelationships with the social, cultural and political areas of European societies.
The conference featured three keynote panels and about 65 paper presentations addressing the conference theme.

2014 – Greece
Date: 14-15 April, 2014
Topic: Protection of Minors in the Digital Era
Place: Zappeion Megaron, Athens
Website / Athens Conference – Three Fundamental Freedoms
The Conference, through a multi–stakeholder approach, aims at:
1. addressing challenges and seeking responses as regards the diverse issues related to the protection of minors in the digital era
2. exploring the appropriate initiatives and actions to be undertaken at national and European-international level for the protection of minors vis-à-vis the converged media
The Conference will focus on:
1. innovative entrepreneurship at the service of minors
2. adequacy of regulation as regards the protection of minors (AVMS Directive etc.) in the converged environment
3. audiovisual commercial communications: the impact of new advertising techniques and forms on minors
4. promotion of suitable content for minors
5. education on how to make the best use of digital media
6. social and business entities at the service of digital Media Literacy
The Conference participants will be representatives of national administrations, experts, European institutions, independent regulatory authorities, academia, industry, civil society etc.

Working languages of the Conference will be Greek and English.
Registration form and other practicalities will be available on the website of the Greek Presidency in the coming days.

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2014 – Croatia
Date: June 6-7, 2014
Topic: Media Literacy in Digital Age – Cultural, Economic and Political Perspective
Place: University of Zagreb
Media literacy – as a concept of empowering the citizens to efficiently deal with the world of traditional and new media, has been in the centre of interest of the international institutions, media experts and scientists for several decades already. UNESCO’s Declaration on Media Education set the framework in the early eighties.
Nineteen countries accepted the implementation and improvement of the concept of education for the new digital age, but this did not result in the expected inclusion of media literacy in the national educational systems. The European Union documents emphasize the importance of media literacy for the accomplishment of economic development and social cohesion of Europe by the year 2010, with the focus on the necessity of development of national public policy for the education of citizens in media.

European citizens, notwithstanding their age and gender should be media-literate for their active involvement in the exchange of cultural goods and digital economic processes. In the field of human rights, media literacy should contribute to the divergence of freedom in society, political culture and democracy, as well as to the strengthening of the economic system and creative discourse.

2014 – Spain
Date: October
Topic: International Congress. To determinate
Place: Barcelona

September 2013 – EBU Knowledge Exchange in Barcelona. EURALVA was represented by Professor Madalina Andrea Costache and Montse Bros (TAC).

September 2013 – COST Action ISO906 Transforming Audiences, Transforming Societies. EURALVA was represented by Professor Madalina Andrea Costache.

June 2013 – European Dialogue for Internet Governance in Lisbon. EURALVA was represented by Helena Cebrian from iCmedia.

June 2013 – Open Society Foundation Spanish Mapping Digital Media Report in Barcelona. EURALVA was represented by its President Jose Maria Guerra and Montse Bros from TAC.

May 31, 2013 – EU Commission’s Working Group “Licences for Europe” in Brussels. EURALVA was represented by Dr Maria Mihaelis of the University of Westminster.

March 2013 – EBU Regional Conference in Montenegro. EURALVA was represented by the President, Jose Maria Guerra and by Helena Cebrian (iCmedia).

2013 – EURALVA President Jose Maria Mercadal invited speaker at EBU Balkan Conference in Montenegro. Full information

2012 – EURALVA’s Media Policy Adviser Professor Vincent participates in EU Cultural Heritage Conference under the Cyprus Presidency, and highlights pending issues on connected TV and commercial communications via media platforms. Link to Professor Porter’s presentation

2009/10 – EURALVA responds to the EU Commission’s proposals for the application of state aid rules to public service broadcasting. Link to the Document

2009 – EURALVA President Preben Sorensen participates in Council of Europe Ministerial Conference in Reykjavik. Link to President’s Speech

2008 – EURALVA recommendations in the context of EU Project ‘RARE’ for the formation of citizen groups in Slovenia. Link to the Document

2007 – EURALVA Conference in Copenhagen, with support from Open Society Foundation [OSF] facilitating participation by representatives from former communist countries. Conference discussions led to elaboration of the ‘Circle of Trust’ concept

2003/4 – EURALVA/VLV responds to UNESCO request to produce draft Guidelines for Citizen Groups in the Broadcasting field