About us

EURALVA is the European Alliance of Listeners’ and Viewers’ Associations, an independent non-sectarian alliance of national associations, representing the interest of listeners and viewers of broadcasting and new media services, which can be received in member states of the Council of Europe.

We work for the development and implementation of audiovisual education programs.
We have also active participation as full members in the legislative processes in the corresponding agencies and institutions.

We are in constant research and collaboration to define and disseminate best practices in the defense of the rights of audiovisual media users, with special attention to minors.of the rights of audiovisual media users, with special attention to minors.

We also:

  • Advance the right of citizens to receive audiovisual media which serve the public interest.
  • Promote the free flow of ideas for everyone, including access to impartial news and information, in order to maximise their democratic, social and cultural potential.
  • Support the right of all citizens to express themselves in public dialogue which is respectful of diversity and pluralism.
  • Co-operate with civil societies and regulators in Europe and Worldwide.
  • Liaise with all responsible media organisations which support the development of informed democracies, and which treat and portray all citizens fairly.