Day a Day

➢ Identification of the current legislative status of the European Union in relation to the audiovisual sector, minors and violence against women in the Commissions and General Directorates on Technologies / Audiovisual; Culture
• Identifying the current legislation,
• Making the review of the existing legislation

➢ Researching and establishment of a calendar of milestones for all activities carried out in the European Union in relation to the previous topics:
• working groups,
• Green papers,
• Conferences,
• Studies,
• Sarliamentary reviews,

➢ Made the response to the CREATIVE EUROPE PUBLIC CONSULTATION questionnaire in regard to the objectives that are relevant to EURALVA.

➢ Made a comparison reading between current directives on media services and the proposal which is being discussed on the EU parliament. The comparison which was focused on:
• different treatment on protection of minors
• concept of audiovisual media services:
• different ways of divulgation media content covered by the directive paper done to the consumers association treatment, pornography and violence

➢ Researching and identifying new activities and studies being performed under the European Commission related to Consumer protection and Media Literacy
• New published study (published on 28/03/2017) on Media Literacy in Europe published by the European Audiovisual Observatory-, about both civil society and media literacy.

➢ Make research on the activities and operations of The European Regulators and Alliances groups for Audiovisual Media services with the purpose of identifying its activities and new working projects.

➢ Research on the nature and activities of many of european Consumers associations.

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