Country Members
Denmark Cooperative Forum of Danish Listeners and Viewers Associations (SLS)
Finland Kansan Radioliitto Ry
Germany Initiativkreis für Öffentlichen Rundfunk
Hungary Közszolgálati Musorszolgáltatók Társadalmi Kurátorainak Egyesulete
Italy Movimento Italiano Genetori (Moige)
Norway Norway – Family & Media
Portugal AC Media, Associacao Portuguesa de Consumidores dos Media
Spain Associació de Consumidors de Mitjans Audiovisuals de Catalunya (TAC)
Fundación Aprender a Mirar (FAAM)
Sweden The Public Service Council
UK Voice of the Listener & Viewer (VLV)
Country Associate Members
Australia Friends of the ABC
Canada Friends of Canadian Broadcasting
Mexico A Favor De Lo Mejor


Denmark – SLS

SLS is the umbrella group for four listener and viewer organisations in Denmark. It has about 50,000 individual members as well as many group members (Christian organisations, national trade unions etc.) The Chairman of SLS is Lars Peter Melchiorsen, who is also Chairman of the member organisation KLF Church & Media.

SLS´s sekretariat
Præstevænget 12
DK 2750 Ballerup
Tel.: 0045 33 79 12 30
Tel.: 0045 87 26 35 35
Mob.: 0045 27 14 66 99


Finland – Kansan Radioliitto Ryenmark

Kansan Radioliitto Ry
Esa Ylikoski Chairman
Tel.: +358 50 4685332

Germany – Initiativkreis für Öffentlichen Rundfunk

The Initiative for the Promotion of Public Service Broadcasting (Initiativkreis für Öffentlichen Rundfunk Köln; IOER) is based in Cologne. It supports diverse and high-quality public and public service broadcasting, independent from economic and political interests, and funded by voluntary and compulsory funding.

IOER organises public events and seminars as well as publishing written material and issuing statements. The organisation is made up of thirty experts, most of whom are former broadcasting professionals and academics. It also cooperates with two other similar organisations in Germany; one in Berlin and one in Munich.

Dr. Manfred Kops ( President IÖER)
Hohenstaufenring 57a,
50674 Köln,

Hungary – Közszolgálati Musorszolgáltatók Nézőinek és Hallgatóinak Egyesülete / Association of Viewers and Listeners to Public Service Broadcasters in Hungary

KÖZTE has the following missions:

– to promote effectively the freedom of information, by ensuring that public service broadcasters provide everybody in Hungary with the necessary information and ideas;
– to support, in every possible way, the public service organisations in attaining their essential and fundamental objectives.
– to assist the the hungarian radio and television authority and TheAudience’ Council of Public Service Broadcasters in fulfilling its legal tasks effectively.

KÖZTE’s main activities for achieving these goals are by:

– organising club-meetings in which the guests are the active and past presidents of public service broadcasters.
– organising public media workshops, in the course of which, the members of KÖZTE and other interested listeners and viewers can exchange opinions about the role of public service broadcasters in the development of civil society with important persons in the field of broadcasting and journalism.
– organise and manage courses, for members of KÖZTE and other interested parties, to learn about the laws, financial situation, and the structure and organisation of public service broadcasters.
– collect, analise audience’s opignion and proposition on public service broadcasters’ program and represent it for the authorities and The Audience’ Council.

Jozse Kiss, deputy-chairman of KÖZTE
Address: H-1012 Budapest, Kuny Domokos u.13
Tel.: +36 304 520 980

Italy – Movimento Italiano Genetoeri (Moige)

Movimento Italiano Genetori is a non-profit, lobbyist, advocacy organisation.  The main purpose is the safeguard of children and parents rights in the social life, the promotion of the figure of parents as a fundamentale element of society and the responsible use of parental authority.  The association aims to operate in different areas including television and cinema, school and education and internet/new media.

Moige – Movimento Italiano Genetori
Via dei Gracchi, 58
00192 Roma (Italy)
Tel.: 06 3215669 Int 301
Fax: 06 233201297
President: Maria Rita Munizzi

Norway – Family & Media

Family & Media, is one of Europe’s largest listener and viewer associations. It has over 20,000 individual members and 30 group members (churches, missions etc.) It aims to represent the interests of its members by playing an active role in public lif e through commentaries in the press, and on radio and television. Its internet newsletter ‘Medier & Nett’ is widely quoted in the Norwegian press.

Familie & Medier – Kristent medieforum
Adresse: Postboks 2420, Solheimsviken, 5824 Bergen, Norway
Tel.: 56 31 40 50
Fax: 56 31 40 51

Jarle Haugland (General Secretary):

Portugal – Association of Portuguese Media Consumers (AC Media)

ACMedia – Association of Portuguese Media Consumers is a non-profit organisation founded in 1986 that is recognised as a public interest institution formed to, protect media consumers’ rights and legitimate interests; promote respect for human, cultural and ethical values; Implement activities of civic, cultural and educational nature; prompt the promulgation of adequate laws to defend media consumers and alert public opinion to participate in media regulation process.

ACMedia set up Media Observatories in Europe and Middle East to hold a permanent-watching brief over the information society, besides allowing an evaluation both of market and consumer changes.

ACMedia co-ordinates the project Education for Media which has got a specific educational side and is mainly directed at students, parents, teachers and other specialists in Education. Also founded the International Universities Forum a permanent platform allowing the exchange of initiatives that aim to promote a better ethical and technological preparation for future media professionals. Professors and scientists from different countries compose its members.

AC Media – Associação Portuguesa de Consumidores dos Media
R. de Sto. Antonio a Estrela, 108 – R/C Dto. 1350-294 Lisboa (Portugal)
Tel.: (351) 21 882 1733 /21 882 1735
Fax: (351) 21 882 1734

President: José Maria Dias Miranda
Vice President: Maria Luiza Vaz Pinto

Spain – Association of Audiovisual Consumers (TAC)

The Association of Audiovisual Consumers of Catalonia is a non-profit association that works for an improvement of audiovisual media quality and in defense of the rights of users, especially children, who are the most defenseless in front of the screens.

Director: Luis Boza
Tel.:+34 93 488 17 57
Email: /

Spain – Fundación Anprender a Mirar (FAAM)

The Aprender a Mirar Foundation is an entity under the protectorate of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, non-profit, which works for the defense of users of audiovisual media, especially children and young people. This defense is carried out through training, information, social action of prevention, denunciation and defense and promotion of values.

Precisely, its work is to take care of the most defenseless people against the abuses that are committed in the digital environment: the childhood and the youth. For this reason, the Foundation also acts as a consultant for agencies and entities involved in the audiovisual world in order to promote the quality of content, with a positive approach that guarantees the protection of the child.

Tel.:+34 93 488 17 57


Sweden – The Public Service Council

It is a new organisation supporting Public Service Broadcasting in Sweden and on an international level.  The Council will also support progress for Public Access.

President: Gunnar Bergvall, Stockholm

United Kingdom – Voice of the Listener & Viewer (VLV)

Voice of the Listener & Viewer (VLV) founded in 1983 by Jocelyn Hay is an independent, non-profit-making association, funded by its members, democratically governed, and free from political, sectarian or commercial affiliations.

As the only organisation in the UK speaking for listeners and viewers on the full range of issues which underpin the British broadcasting system: the structures, regulation, funding and institutions VLV campaigns for high quality radio and television programmes, and in particular for the principles of public service broadcasting.

Voice of the Listener & Viewer Ltd
The Old Rectory Business Centre, Springhead Road, Northfleet, Kent, DA11 8HN, UK

Tel.:  + 44 (0)1474 338716

Australia – Friends of the ABC

FABC works for the maintenance and advancement of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) as an independent and comprehensive national public broadcaster.

– FABC educates the community on the importance of independent public broadcasting and informs them on important matters concerning the ABC’s healthy operation.
– FABC challenges governments that fail to support the ABC or attempt to interfere with its independence.
– FABC is a critical supporter of the ABC, speaking out on occasions it perceives the ABC Board or management not to be acting in the best interests of public broadcasting.   

Every Australian state and territory has an autonomous FABC organisation. Each has an honorary elected committee of management. Only FABC Victoria operates on a professional basis.

Major issues for Friends at this time are: inadequate funding and the steady privatisation of the public broadcaster through the back-door – the result of the ABC increasingly outsourcing television production and engaging in commercial activities that risk its independence and integrity.

Canada – FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting

Formed in 1985, FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting is an independent, Canada-wide, non-partisan voluntary organization supported by 60,000 households whose mission is to defend and enhance the quality and quantity of Canadian programming in the Canadian audio-visual system. FRIENDS serves as a watchdog on behalf of listeners and viewers, and intervenes to defend and enhance Canadian programming in the audio-visual system.

FRIENDS relies upon individuals for donations to finance its watchdog role, public policy initiatives, public opinion leadership and research activities directed at our priorities. We are not affiliated with any broadcaster or political party. FRIENDS is a not-for profit organization directed by a Steering Committee. Noreen Golfman, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies at Memorial University, chairs our Steering Committee and Ian Morrison is our spokesperson and manager of ongoing operations.

Friends of Canadian Broadcasting
Box 200/238
131 Bloor Street West
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 1R8
Fax: (416) 968-7406

Mexico – A Favor de lo Mejor

A Favor de lo Mejor is a civil association that since 1997 works to improve the quality of the content of the media.

Through the responsibility of all who are part of the process: media, advertisers, and public authorities, we may reach and penetration of the media is beneficial to society.

That the media, in its purpose to entertain and inform the public, also contribute to their education, culture and human development. To promote through its contents, the constructive, the worthy, the best of our traditions and customs.

Strive together for the creation of a new culture of communication in Mexico to raise the level of fundamental values and thus contribute to building a more decent and civilized coexistence. As a society build a culture of communication based on Freedom of Expression with Accountability involved; quality communication to provide healthy and creative entertainment, accurate information in a competitive and profitable industry.

Lafontaine #349, Col. Polanco Reforma, Miguel Hidalgo, México, DF, C.P. 11550
Tel.: (55) 5545-9244 / (55) 5545-1274
Expresatel: 01 800 250 25 25


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