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Institution and Organs on Audiovisual media services In Europe

Audiovisual and media policies
Creative Europe programme
Media Freedom & Pluralism
Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA)
European Audiovisual Observatory

Other links of interest

ACT – Association of Commercial Television in Europe (Media Brief)
VLV – Voice of the Listener & Viewer
IRIS – Legal Observations of the European Audiovisual Observatory
EIF- European Internet Foundation


  1. European Broadcasting Union
    Working on behalf of its Members in the European area, the EBU negotiates broadcasting rights for major sports events, operates the Eurovision and Euroradio networks, organises programme exchanges, stimulates and coordinates co-productions, and provides a full range of other operational, commercial, technical, legal and strategic services.
  2. European Federation of Journalists
    The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ), is a regional organisation of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ). It represents the interests of journalists’ unions and their members. The EFJ is Europe’s largest organisation of journalists, representing about 280,000 journalists in over thirty countries. The EFJ fights for social and professional rights of journalists working in all sectors of mass media.
  3. ERNO
    A group of 12 broadasters in South East Europe.
  4. World Press Freedom Committee
    The World Press Freedom Committee is an international umbrella organisation that includes 45 journalistic groups — print and broadcast, labour and management, journalists, editors, publishers and owners on six continents — united in the defense and promotion of press freedom.
  5. Internews Europe
    Internews Europe is a Paris-based non-profit organisation with the goal of supporting the independence of media from political or financial monopolies. Internews Europe also aims to create new forms of communications and documentary programming throughout the world to promote tolerance and understanding among nations and peoples. Founded in 1995, Internews Europe is a member of Internews International, an organisation of sixteen non-governmental organisations (NGOs).
  6. European Commission
    The European Commission embodies and upholds the general interest of the Union and is the driving force in the Union’s institutional system. Its four main roles are to propose legislation to Parliament and the Council, to administer and implement Community policies, to enforce Community law (jointly with the Court of Justice) and to negotiate international agreements, mainly those relating to trade and cooperation.
  7. Council of Europe
    The Council of Europe is the continent’s oldest political organisation, founded in 1949. It groups together 46 countries, including 21 countries from Central and Eastern Europe.
  8. European Parliament
    The European Parliament is the only supranational institution whose members are democratically elected by direct universal suffrage. It represents the people of the Member States. The European Parliament, which is elected every five years, is involved in drafting numerous laws (directives, regulations etc.) that affect the daily life of every citizen.
  9. European Institute for the Media
    The European Institute for the Media (EIM) is a think tank for research and strategy concerning developments in European media and communications. It is based in Dortmund.

Worldwide Resources

  1. Commonwealth Broadcasting Association
    2. National Association of Broadcasters
    3. Association for International Broadcasting

Broadcasting Resources

  1. UK: BBC Worldservice
    2. Italy: Rai
    3. Netherlands: OLON
    4. Spain: RTVE
    5. Belgium: Belgischer Rundfunk
    6. Germany: Deutsche Welle
    7. Ireland: RTE
    8. Denmark: DR
    9. Denmark: TV2
    10. Australia: ABC